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a quick bit from the Fayetteville paper
on how Jason Williams has stirred
things up. They say Cota will respond, not being a shrinking violet
himself,  and that should be today, if we remember correctly (UNC's media
day, that is).

The last paragraph praises Duke football, saying they are the most improved
team in the country.  We don't watch enough to say, but the improvement is
obvious. The guys are coming together, and playing hard and smart, and Carl
Franks has to be ecstatic with the advancements.
The Tech game
followed on the heels of the FSU game, where Duke showed a lot
of improvement, and the UVa upset.

Here's an article from the N&O on Midnight Madness, but mostly
talking about Mike Dunleavy
, who, as we have been saying, is a real player.

Maryland seems to be enjoying stepping away from the spotlight.  Check
out what
they have to say

And also, one of our faves, Michael Wilbon, has
written a nice eulogy
for Wilt Chamberlain. Here's
an older column,
about Wilt and Russ, and here's a Kornheiser
about the Big Guy. We saw a few minutes of the '72 All-Star game,and
we'd forgotten how he was so big and his arms were so long that he could hold
the ball straight out and no one could touch it or come near it.  If you
were caught on the other side of that screen, you might as well be in another
time zone.