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Jason On Ed - I Haven't Forgotten Eighth Grade

For anyone who had any concerns about the intensity of the Duke-UNC rivalry, Jason Williams was quoted in the Herald-Sun with some interesting things to say, among them a few choice words about Ed
Cota which should alleviate any concerns you might have:

" Ed might not remember this, but it's funny I remember playing against Ed a long time ago when he was a senior and I was like a seventh or eighth grader...I was just a little kid and he was playing me and he was talking so much trash to me and I was like hey, he's a senior and i'm in eighth grade, like lay off me. I wasn't even close, not in the same vicinity to where i am now physically.

"I was getting toyed around with so much we were just getting killed and it seemed like no matter how much he kept beating us by he kept talking. It's always been in the back of my mind.

"Now I got down here and I'm like, oh yeah, i'm gonna get a chance to play him now. he might be a cool kid off the court, but there's something about him I can't stand on the court. I really take that personal and i look forward to going after him every time we play."

Ed being Ed, he will almost certainly have something to say back.

But let's
give Ed credit where credit is due: though we all ridiculed him for saying that
UNC could play with Duke last season, when it was patently obvious they could
not, he did say, and he was nearly alone in his opinion, that a team like UConn
could beat Duke.  Turns out he was right, of course, so props to Ed for the