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We Admire Their Priorities

We got this note from a reader about two Crazies who
are getting married the day of the Duke-UNC game. We respect anyone who will
structure their wedding around that game, but we're predicting big trouble for
the wedding if the Heels defy the moral structure of the Universe!

Congratulations to Cristin and Mike, and all best
wishes from DBR and, we feel safe in saying, our readers as well.


I realize that this is probably not your thing, but two of the biggest Duke fans I know met as undergrads camping out for hoops, and just got engaged. Would you mind putting up
a little blurb about them on the site somewhere? I'm sure
it would make their day.

Cristin Corless and Mike Krachon just got engaged AND they
are getting married on 3/4/2000 (same day as the Duke/UNC game).
They assure us that they have the logistics of game-watching
figured out.