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How To Get Around This Site

We get e-mail from people periodically saying "you didn't link to
this" and we started to realize we had problem because usually we had
linked to it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....

We talked to James about the necessity of refining how we post articles (and
archive them) and that's when James wrote the software that now drives DBR.
We were spending a ton of time just maintaining pages, which is a drag, rather
than updating, which is fun.


Unfortunately, it led to another problem: we now update so easily and
frequently that stories don't stay on the front page for long. There are
two basic solutions we can offer you if you can't find what you think you should

  1. Use MyDBR to put more headlines on the front page. It's a very
    practical way to make sure you don't miss anything.
  2. If, after looking on the headlines you don't see what you think you should
    see, and if you don't see it also on the left frame, assuming you choose to
    use frames under MyDBR, you can definitely use the search feature. So
    if you are looking for, say, Jeremy Battier, just type that in and it'll
    turn up.

We are trying to update more and more frequently, so please try these two
things so that you don't miss anything.