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A Warm & Happy Glow

football team is still getting warm fuzzies
from the rest of the University
over the big win Saturday over UVa. We're sure excited for them. We
got this funny note from a UVa reader about a guy we immediately called
the Oracle:

"In my store are two rocking chairs. they are occupied throughout the
day by a series of sports fiends. Ernest, the football guy, has been to every
home UVa football game, save 2, since 1948. Ask him about the first black to
play ball and he will not only tell you about him, his HS, his starts, the
reactions of the fans, but stories about his family.

"A quote from Ernest last friday afternoon. 'UVa -17! How about Duke -6
1/2! Duke has 17 seniors and we are young and uninspired. It is only a
matter time before Duke hooks up wins!'

"He has called it right every time."