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Sweatshop Progress; Gambling Fight Started By NCAA

The Duke and UNC kids, who started the movement against Nike and others using
sweatshop labor,
continue to get result
s, as Nike has now published
their factory sites.

Our assumption is that Duke and UNC students, where the idea originated (we
think at Duke, but it doesn't really matter), cooperated on this project, which
says a lot about how a rivalry can be put aside for a better cause.

In another bit of news, quite unrelated, the NCAA is moving against gambling
on college sports, and wants
Nevada's exemption on college betting revoked.
  Knowing that it's big
business, the gaming industry isn't taking this lying down. If we were betting,
we'd give 2-1 odds on the industry beating the NCAA. Why? They have a steadier supply of suckers. Not by much, maybe, but they do.