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UVa Can't Believe It, & The FITSter Comments

Apparently UVa folk are having a hard time dealing this weekend's loss to
Duke.  Our first link is a recap
from the Cavalier Daily;
number 2 is a column
bemoaning UVa's losing
to what the writer clearly sees as a horrible team
(takes one to know one!), and third up is a
Rivalnet site which simply overlooks the game altogether,
preferring not to
mention it but instead to simply move  on to the NC State game next
weekend. I'll think about in the morning!

Then again, maybe not.

A couple of points:

1) Duke is steadily improving.  They did play a tough ECU team to the
wire, lost to Vandy in OT, and played hard against FSU (our bad - they lost to Northwestern in OT, not Vandy).

2) Carl Franks was one of the Duke players - and coaches - who learned to
just hate UVa.  The current players had no way to know that, most
likely, but it did occur to us.  We told two friends last week, who can
back this up, that we thought Duke would win this game. UVa is playing poorly,
but that can't overshadow the fact that Duke is also improving.

Yes, there was luck involved, but you have to position yourself to take
advantage of luck, and Duke did that. This team played hard and never gave up,
and if they hadn't, they wouldn't have been in position to win.  Congrats
again to the boys. You were great!



The FITSter sent in this brief commentary!

In the excellent link you had to the Cavalier Daily, you  might also point out that Mr. Jefferson's Twits managed to give credit 
to "Gray's" interception for contributing to the homeboys' loss.

Gray? Who? I believe they might have meant Lamar Grant, but I guess  Grant is a tough name to utter, even now, in Virginia.