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He Also Paints, Sculpts, Writes Opera And Is The Secret Voice Behind Hootie

We found this Bilas page, on his employer's site, and boy is it
interesting.  Jay has really maximized his athletic career and his Duke
education. Here's what he's up accomplished:

  • 4 Year Letterman At Duke
  • Pro ball in the States and Overseas
  • Assistant Coach with Two NCAA Rings
  • Lawyer in litigation and bankruptcy
  • Member of the Screen Actors Guild
  • Announcer For ESPN
  • Columnist
  • Board Member,  Mecklenburg County Bar Young Lawyers
  • Chairman For the Duke Annual Fund
  • Smacked around
    that hideous purple dinosaur in court
    (public service)

Wow. And he's buff.

Now listen, just because they list a phone number on a web page doesn't mean
it's a good idea to call it.  But it is public so we don't mind linking to
it at all.