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Catching Up With Ferry, Maggette

It's hard to believe that Danny Ferry has been in the NBA for ten years. But
ten years it has been, and the huge contract he signed, under the old structure,
out after this season
.  Danny says he's not sure what he'll do. If his
knees hold up, and Cleveland wants him back, he might, or he might retire or he
might go to another team. Coach K says he could easily be one of those useful
veterans who are picked up by, say, San Antonio or LA or New York in a push for
the title.  Makes sense.

Incidentally, read the bottom notes, too. Bison Dele, aka Brian Williams, now
owns a bottle Lebanon? He visited there during the height of the
madness, a 6-11 American, and obviously feels at home there.  Best of luck
to him. Looks like he might stay on.

While we're at it, Corey Maggette is periodically leaving the Magic in awe.
Here's a brief
update on his progress as well.