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Devils Break Through In Double OT, Updated!

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Duke has defeated UVa in double overtime, 24-17. Way to go guys!

Here's the first link, and we added several more above.

Also, Fatboy went and he posted this report on the bulletin board. We thought we'd post it here, too. Nice job Fatboy!

I was one of the few lucky Duke fans in attendance at UVA this Saturday. The game wasn't televised where I live, so I am assuming it wasn't on in Durham either. Anyway, here's
what happened:

The game was pretty sloppy throughout the first half. Duke botched a 25 yard field goal off the upright, and UVA intercepted Spencer Romine in the closing seconds of the half. I
was surprised, however, when the score ended up 0-0 at the end of the half.

The second half was one of the craziest that I have ever seen. UVA scored first off of a 40 or so yard run by Thomas Jones, so the score was 7-0. When Duke punted after failing to
move the ball past the 50, UVA was positioned on their own 7 yard line. They, too, were not able to get a first down, so they had to punt from their own endzone. On 4th down, the
punter missed the snap!! The ball began rolling to the back of the endzone and nearly went out of bounds for a safety, before the punter got to it. With five Duke players on top of
him, he managed to chuck the ball away to avoid the safety. However, the pass was incomplete.

So, it was Duke ball on the UVA 7 yard line. The blue devils managed to push the ball all the way up to the UVA 2 yard line in the first two downs. Finally, on 3rd down, Romine
handed the ball off to the running back, who rounded the corner for a touchdown!

In the fourth quarter, UVA managed a field goal early on. It seemed that UVA would score again when they had the ball on Duke's 10 yard line on 1st down. However, Thomas
Jones fumbled the handoff, and Duke recovered!! The Blue devils managed to drive all the way to UVA's 20 yard line, where they had to settle for a field goal. The score, then was

UVA then began a drive from their own 20 yard line with 6:00 remaining. Thomas Jones ran the ball in for a touchdown with 1:40 on the clock. At this point, UVA fans, having
secured a victory, began to leave. Although the score was 17-10, the game was far from over.

Duke returned the ensuing kickoff to their own 30 yard line. Then Romine had a pair of 20 yard passes to get the Blue Devils into UVA territory. Duke had a couple running plays
and a pass interference call on UVA to move within the UVA 10 yard line with 14 seconds to go. What happened next was THE MOST AMAZING PLAY I HAVE EVER SEEN.
Romine hiked the ball, and pitched it to Duke's fullback. However, the fullback misjudged the pitch and fumbled the ball. Another Duke player (the running back I think), picked up
the ball and hurled it towards the endzone just as he was tackled by 2 UVA linemen. One of Duke's receivers lunged for the ball at the two yard line, caught it, turned around, and
dove into the endzone just as he was tackled by a UVA player. TOUCHDOWN!!

The entire stadium was hushed except for the 100 or so Duke fans in the visitors section who were cheering wildly and high-fiving each other.

After the kickoff, UVA just sat on the ball to run the clock out, so the game went into overtime. In the overtime period, each team gets the ball at the 25 yard line. UVA was on
offense first. Duke managed to hold them at the 20 yard line, so UVA had to kick. However, UVA's kicker missed the 30 yarder wide right, so it was Duke ball at the 25 next.

Duke couldn't move the ball very far either, so they, too, had to kick. A field goal would win it for Duke. Duke's kicker missed his kick wide right, though, so the game went into a
second overtime.

This time, Duke was on offense first. The Blue Devils managed to move the ball all the way to the 10 yard line. On 3rd down, Romine hit a man in the endzone for the touchdown!
With the extra point, the score was 24-17, Duke.

UVA had one last chance. They started with the ball on the 25. On the first play, it seemed that they had tied the game when quarterback Dan Ellis hit a man in the endzone, but the
refs ruled that he was out of bounds. On 4th and 10, Ellis was intercepted by the safety, who then slid out of bounds to end the game.

The fans were cussing and grumbling, so I decided to leave quickly since I was wearing a Duke hat and shirt. It was the best football game I've ever been to, and I'm glad I was able
to tell you about it. GO DUKE!