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Flood Relief, Romine Back, Some General News

We were really happy to see that the Duke
Endowment is giving 6 million to flood relief
- including 2 million right
now. One of the big worries is that with all the water left, mosquitoes
will be able to breed. But good news, it's almost too cold! That
would be good news except for the fact that so many people still aren't back in
their houses yet. Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans, who is about the nicest
person you could hope to meet, says "[w]e hope that by funding this effort over three years, we will be able to play a long-term role in helping this stricken area recover"

In other news, the football team is off to UVa, but Spencer
Romine is back.
They have had reasons to be optimistic lately, and Franks,
being a Spurrier guy, remembers when the rivalry was smoking red hot, so he'll
be pumped. UVa may not be ready for that level of intensity, as it's been
diminished for several years.

Caulton Tudor has a column this morning discussing how
the ACC is handling various scandals
, including Ford, the UVa probation,and
the FSU arrests. Not a good stretch for the conference, needless to say.

The N&O also has
an article about the new UNC unis,
which are proving hugely unpopular so
far. The article brings up the question of how they'll sell, which we
hadn't considered, but if the reaction so far is to be believed, probably not
that well. Good guy Mick Mixon had this to say: "If you really just put away feelings for the old uniforms, I don't think the new ones are all that horrible. People just identify so strongly with the 'North Carolina.' It's more of a
hanging on to the old than an active dislike for the new. The e-mails I've received, people have said it looks like a pajama top, like a woman's jersey, a warmup. It's funny how people identify so strongly and you can understand that; the North Carolina has only been on there for a half century."