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Casey Sanders & Three Amigos Updates

a preview of Casey Sanders
from Clint Jackson. We've seen Casey play
and while his talent is obvious, basketball wise he appears to be a bit young
yet. But 30 lbs and a few thousand repetitions, and this kid's potential
is just huge. But right now he's not ready for the NBA or anything.

But as we know, ready or not, there they go! Avery and Maggette are adjusting
now. In Maggette's case,
the Magic are really working with him
intensely. Avery's
adjustment seems a little tougher now.
He says he didn't know it would be
this way, which reminds us somewhat of Maggette's post-draft comments when he
said he was surprised that he dropped so far. But both guys are in a
different world now, one which demands results and very hard work -
professionalism in a word. The adjustment is under way, and let's hope
they make it brilliantly.

Elton's adjustment on the other hand seems
to be going well
. He is making a big impression on the Chicago media, which
means that endorsements are sure to follow in a big way.