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Midnight Madness Name Suggestions!

We've gotten some great names for the Occasion  Formerly Known As
Midnight Madness (someone copyrighted Midnight Madness in case you missed it).

Our personal favorite  is probably Midnight Blue.  Here's the best
of the submissions we got, in the order they've been received:.

  • Moonlight Madness! (Adrian Marquez)
  • Cameron Madness (Ramar)
  • Midnight Blue (Jon Myers)
  • Blue Moon Mania (Bruce Nathan)
  • Debuke
  • Octoberfest
  • Hoopaween
  • Cameron's 60th Birthday Party Extravagaaaaaannnnnnza
  • Who Are Those Guys? (Last five by Chris Fornash)
  • Devils' Debut (Mike Rothstein)
  • Blue Devil Debut (Brian Kowal)

Incidentally, apparently the wrong number was released for information on
what we'd like to call Midnight Blue.  If you have 684.3388, it's
incorrect. You should call 681.2583 for information.