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Better Get Used To This...

The first official spotting of a Hurricanes-moving-from-Raleigh
rumor is here
! This is from a guy from a Hartford radio station.
Is he right? Is there talk of Houston already? Who knows. What he
does point out, which is apparently true, is that Karmanos owns the holding
company which owns the hockey team. This is the key line from the story:
"The holding company's numbers are the ones that determine how quickly he can break his current
'iron clad' contract."

We don't know exactly what that means, but we do know that contracts are
taken to court all the time, and we do not know of a single team which has been
forced to honor a contract, though there may be one.

Anyway, it's interesting. When you hit the link, pick Wednesday on the menu
and scroll down a bit.