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Weird Bits And Pieces

Here's a
post on the Mizzou boards
offered in celebrate of Quin Snyder's and
Helen Redwine's nuptials. It's by a guy who goes by the name "Farmboy."
It's not the congratulations we would have offered Quin, but as far as we can
tell, it's good-natured and from the heart.

Ok, Farmboy, back to the fields!

another weird bit of crude landgrant humor
, here's an article from our
friends at Inside Carolina from a guy in Wilmington who is determined to part
the waters Down East to get to Kenan to see UNC humiliated (don't get cocky; our
turn is next) by FSU. He builds a fairly elaborate fantasy centering
around Gilligan, the Skipper, and the seven stranded castaways who get to Chapel
Hill, find wine and cheese people (seriously), babes, and, predictably declare (as one) Chapel Hill to be Heaven. Make of it what you