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Tenting Update!

Tenting Update!

Some of the Crazies involved with tenting asked us
to post this. They also asked us to post the K-ville link on the links page,
which we'll do before too long, but
for now here's the link.
You guys should definitely all take part in
the discussions. Every year there are people who are unhappy with the changes.
Your best bet to make it to your liking is to get involved.

As has been noted on the Bulletin Board, the proposed Basketball Admissions Policy for the 1999-2000 season has been released and posted on the DSG

website ( It
will be presented Wednesday night, there will be a two-week period during
which amendments will be made, and it will be voted on at the meeting two
weeks from Wednesday. The time to make your opinions known on the policy is
now - once it has been approved it is very difficult to amend! Please post your thoughts on the bulletin board and/or contact Head Line Monitor Rob
Cuthbertson at or any DSG
legislator or cabinet member.