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Storm Relief Update!

As the magnitude of the disaster down East continues to sink in, people are
beginning to organize relief efforts.  Several radio and TV stations are
going to set up on the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh on Tuesday to accept
donations for the displaced.  They are asking for cash, of course, but also
anything - clothes, pet food, blankets, you name it. If you have stuff around
your house that you won't be eating anytime soon, or clothes you no longer wear,
or pet food, and you'll be anywhere near the Fairgrounds, please take a few
minutes and drop by. 

The Prez is here now; Boswell saw Air Force One fly in earlier today.
Depending on how long he stays, he has the potential to really wreck traffic
this afternoon, so if you are in The Triangle, and plan to use 40 today, make
sure to check the radio before you start your commute.

We're looking around here to see what we can find. Off the top we can see
pens and pencils, paper, some canned food, some old clothes, and maybe a radio
or two, and maybe some books for some kids.  It doesn't sound like much,
but paper and pen could be a godsend. These people have lost everything, more rain may be on the way, and word last night was that the stores which are still open are pretty much out of everything. Please help if you can.

We got a lot of help here during Fran, so time to give back.


A Note From The Front

Hey guys,

As a regular DBR reader and chatter, I was happy to see your plea for
giving. I have been in the Emergency Operations Center for Pitt County
for the past 4 days, and I have got to tell you, it is REAL bad down
here. The stories that we hear are heart-breaking.
The people are in very sad shape, with no way to get to them. Thank you
for your help,
and I will keep you posted.

Thanks Again,
Tony McQueen (tonymac)