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New Rules From The NCAA!

The 2000 NCAA Basketball Rules book is out, and there have been a lot
of changes. Many are minor but some are major.

As an observation, there was a Big East representative on the rules
committee, as well as Mike Montgomery of Stanford. No one from the
ACC was on the rules committee.  James sent over a nice summation.




  • A midcourt division line must be visible, as well as a center-circle
    line. Technical foul if not present.
  • Coaching box lines extend three feet onto the floor.
  • Officials are permitted access to replay equipment or television
    monitors to assess whether a correctable error was made.
  • If a correctable error involves awarding a free throw and there has
    been no change of possession, plat shall resume as after any free
  • Uniform numbers 1 and 2 are now legal.
  • Airborne shooter who is fouled after releasing the ball shall be
    considered in the act of shooting until one of the player's feet
    return to the floor.
  • Timeouts have changed: For televised games, 5 30 second time outs,
    one of which must be used in the first half. No full timeouts. One
    additional 30 second timeout per overtime period.
  • Held ball to the defense rule rescinded.
  • Players no longer need to pack the lane spaces on free throws.
  • Administrative technical foul expanded to include the use of
    artifical noisemakers during live-ball situations and the use of a
    laser pointer by a fan or team representative at any time.
  • Team in possession of the ball after a double foul puts the ball in
    play from the sideline point nearest the location of the double


Approved Experiments:

  •  In the double-bonus, the team that is fouled has the option to take the
    ball out instead of shooting free throws.
  • The number of people on the lane at free throw attempts is reduced
    to six from eight.


Points of Emphasis:

  • Intentional Fouls
  • Rough low post play
  • Rough play away from the ball
  • Palming
  • Coaching box restrictions.