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And The Winners Are...

Ok, we're ready to announce our hat winners. The winners were chosen at
random, as we said earlier.

When you get the hats depends on a lot of factors primarily revolving around
weather. We'll send them out as soon as possible, so please be patient. If
any of you guys already have one, it'd be good to let us pick a different
person. As for the rest of you who asked, we wish we had enough for everyone,
but we don't. But we'll see if we can prevail upon our pal Buddy Womble, who is
safe in Vermont from this storm, to at some point, at his leisure, do another
batch. He might not want to, which is fine. It means stuffing a lot of hats into
a lot of envelopes, dealing with a lot of stuff, and if he isn't in the mood to
do it,'s limited edition! :)

The winners are:

  • Ronald Piervincenzi of Durham
  • Ryan Barker of Brownsburg, Indiana
  • Mark Hill of Chicago, Illinois.

We need addresses for all three of you. If we don't hear from you within a
couple of weeks, we'll do another drawing. In Ronald's case, if things get bad
around here, we'll make an exception, but not indefinitely. So get us that info!