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Man, Do We Hate Hurricanes...

Last time this happened we were off-line for 10 days. This time, unless there is a West Coast disaster, the site ought to at least be up. Information as of 11:00 PM EST suggested that Floyd would clip (Mayberry Humor) the coast and then come in somewhere between Charleston and Wilmington. If that happens, the Triangle will get less than we were expecting.

Needless to say, if (big if) we are lucky, someone else isn't, and they have our sympathy if it works that way. Certainly we've heard from a few people who have written off beach property and at least one farm is in grave danger. Our prayers are with those who are in the path. When the clouds lift, please be generous and help those who are hardest hit. Their lives are about to change in a big and unwelcome way.

Just to remind everyone, here's the link for the Red Cross.

Anyway, if it takes us a while to get back on line - we'll almost certainly lose power - please post all relevant news on the board. James will take care of that, and almost all activity will move there until we get past this little problem.