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As Floyd starts to barrel up the East Coast, those of us in North Carolina
are inevitably reminded of the devastation visited by Fran - only this one is
much, much more powerful. The current projections, as you saw on the map
on DBR that was up when this posted anyway, has the storm coming right through
the heart of North Carolina.


Needless to say it could change, and we hope it does.

Though our server is no longer located here, as it was when Fran came
through, we both live here, and when the power goes (if current projections hold
the power will go in short order), there go our PC's.


So anyway, just a quick way to let you know that if we disappear for a bit
after the storm (wow, an anagram for Strom, never noticed that), it's likely
because the power is gone, and, we hope, nothing more significant than