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A Cool Letter From a Crazie

We got this swell letter from a Duke student and we
thought we'd pass it on. Hoops continues a relentless march towards world

I am currently a sophomore at Duke, originally from
Denmark/England. As an incoming freshman I had heard tales
of a 'rather' good basketball reputation at Duke.
During one of the many late night freshman discussions I
admitted to NEVER having had the privilege of even holding
a basketball; let alone dribbling one. Well that record
lasted all of another 30 seconds while somebody disappeared
and round the corner a basketball was thrown at me.
Thus began my fascination with basketball and especially
Duke basketball.

Although I have shown on numerous occasions that basketball
cannot be played by a 5-9' rugby educated Dane, I have
become a huge fan of the game.

With my new found obsession I scoured the net looking for
the most up to date information I could find. It wasn't
long before I found DBR - I have 'lived' there ever since.

There aren't enough good things I can say about your site
and the amount of time and effort that you must put into it
- thank you so much for helping to make Duke Basketball
that little bit more special.