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More Sad News

Yesterday we put up two sad pieces of news about two people who had passed
away. Today we get word of a third and a note on the letter we linked yesterday
about the late Reverend Furr.

First, the sad news about UNCC's warrior Charles Hayward. This kid was
tough. We only saw him play a few times, and he was superb - but that wasn't
nearly as impressive as his fight against leukemia, which he almost won. He
lost his fight yesterday
, and more's the pity.

We also got this nice letter from our old pal Everette Harris about Reverend
Furr. This really underscores one of our arguments against expansion. This could
never have happened in any other conference. The ACC is a community with deep
roots. Some things are better left as they are, because they are pretty
fully formed as is. Syracuse or Miami adds nothing to what is already
magnificent. It's like the Dodgers in LA - they've been there forever now, but
they'll never get back what they gave up.


You had a link to a letter about a State fan who died recently named Mr. Furr. I actually knew him, he was a fine, fine man. He was a Baptist
preacher (first name Bill, for the record) who was the pastor at my little church in SE North Carolina. I was good friends with his son back then and
missed the Furrs dearly when they moved to the Raleigh area.

I haven't kept up with them over the past 25 years but was saddened when I heard of his passing. Your link to the widow's letter gave me a sense of
comfort to know he got one of his last wishes.

Weird how reading a Duke basketball web site can take a Wake fan all the way back to his childhood memories of his Pack fan pastor.