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Two Sad Pieces Of News

There was a sad letter in the N&O, but even while it was sad it was
sweetly moving. It says volumes about the ties we can have to college
teams. The letter is about a man who was greatly looking forward to seeing
the new arena at State, but unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer and died
this spring. It's a verys weet and moving letter and we can identify with it a
great deal. We'll
certainly think of Mr. Furr when the first tip goes up.

Speaking of such things, we had not seen nor heard from Jennifer Jordan, our
old Tar Heel friend, for some time, but were told by a mutual friend recently
that her father had also died of cancer recently. We were really sorry to hear
it. It was a long and difficult illness, which is never easy. We'd like to
extend our deepest condolences to Jennifer and her family. If anyone else would
like to, we're going to start a condolence thread on the board and would ask you
to post a kind word there for our old friend Jennifer.