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Poll-Skewin' Time For A Fellow Devil!

Eric wrote us and asked if we would help promo his band
and maybe skew a poll. Why not! Please help hiim out by voting for his band.
Let's push Eric over the top! If Brian Wilson nominated the band, then by
we owe it to all the Beach Boys stood for
on Pet Sounds to put these guys over the top. Let's win one for the Dukies! If
you have multiple accounts, use 'em all!

I'm currently a Duke Law student, one of those front row guys under the
basket with the pompom hair. My band has an incredible opportunity
to win an online songwriting contest,
but the outcome will hinge on
internet voting!
The final round of voting for this contest is between today and
September 22. After being nominated by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys
and Bud Gaugh of Sublime, my band has been named one of 8 finalists in the
Pop category. If we win, we'll get flown out to LA to perform with No
Doubt, the Offspring, Chris Isaak, and Cypress Hill. We will then be
funded to make an album and maybe sign a recording deal from Atlantic
Records, one of the sponsors of this contest! The voting instructions are:

Scroll down to the Pop category. The band name is Something About
Flying. Click on the circle marked "pick" right under the band name.
Then scroll down, fill out the relevant info, and click on "vote."
Remember, you don't have to give your phone number or your address (they
only want your city for demographic purposes).

Go to here to vote.

Thanks for all your help! I'll keep you posted on the results.

Go Devils!