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A Baby Blue Lament

We got this nice note from a stranded Heels fan in Corn Country. We can empathize -
four years in Tucson had the same effect on us. Any Heels fans in his neck of
the woods? Or even ACC? Drop him a line if so!
In a similar vein, we got a note from a Duke student yesterday who asked us to
plug a band, but he never sent us the info. Send it over, bud!

Although I'm a Heel fan, I must admit that I visit your site every day (and even occasionally giggle at the FITSter).

Here's my dilemma, though -- I'm a transplanted Heel, now living in the wilds of Grinnell, Iowa, where there is nary a Heel fan to be found for miles, at least as far as I can tell. Upon spying your "Duke Bars" section, I at least thought I'd ask -- any idea how one might find a Tar Heel gathering in Iowa?

Any help you might give would be appreciated. I don't know if I can take living in a state where wrasslin' takes precedence over hoops, and where the faithful think that the Iowa-Iowa State football game tomorrow actually means something (it's non-conference, too early in the season, and neither team will finish above .500 this year). I'd kill to take them to the Dean Dome or Cameron and show them what a REAL rivalry looks and sounds like.