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Responses To Bilas

Here are some responses to what Jay Bilas had to
contribute to our ongoing discussion of the college game.

I agree with much of what Jay says, but he is missing one point, namely 
that in most cases the money is going be there if they stay another year. In many cases there may be more money if they stay.

Elton Brand was a "no brainer." He was going to go near the top of the draft, as we know he went number 1. I think he is emotionally and
physically ready for the pro game. Lamar Odom became a "brainer" because he is not sure if he is ready for the pros. In my judgement Corey Maggette
made a "wrong" decision because with another year of college coaching I 
think he would have improved certain areas of his game and gone near the top of the draft.

Just as some the young tennis players can't handle it, I am sure that some of the guys who go pro do it before they are ready for life in the NBA and
never come close to reaching their potential.

I do agree that we are generally very selfish in our view of this. We want to see these guys for years and we don't want the game to be diluted. Well, the game has changed, get use to it.

SoCal DukeFan


Julio and Boswell,
Congratulations on a great start to your forum! Jay Bilas did a good job stating the case for the aspiring athlete who may have the talent to
play professional basketball before completing his or her degree, but didn't address the larger issue of college basketball becoming a defacto minor league for the pro's to exploit. Certainly, one would hope
Jay's proposed "governing body" for college basketball would address that and some of the more poignant questions:

- What is the purpose of a college or university? Is it education, training, athletic development, something else, or all of the above? 

- If the purpose of a college or university is still education, first and foremost, what can be done to keep college athletics from being
corrupted by the predatory policies of professional sports, such as the NBA?
-- How should the NCAA deal with unscrupulous coaches/university athletic departments who put athletics ahead of the stated purpose of
college athletics?
-- Should colleges force the issue and request legislation to protect their interests and, maybe, force the pro's to pay for and use their own
minor leagues?
If we can resolve these issues in this forum, we will really provide a service of national significance. I am looking forward to your next
installment! Keep up the great work!

John Skorupa