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Kenny D & Cancer Update

Here's a nice article on Kenny
Dennard and testicular cancer.
Well nice is probably not the right
word: there's nothing nice about getting your cojone lopped off (or your breast,
which is a much more common cancer among women of course. Testicular cancer is
still not real common, but it's pretty real for those who have it).

Kenny's life changed, of course, when this happened. He was, and remains, one
of our favorite Devils. In many ways he was the model Devil for that era - free
spirited, uninhibited, occasionally somewhat (how to put this) of a party
boy (that'll do).

He's one of those players who, if you saw him, remains forever young.
His dunk against Villanova in the NCAAs pretty much defined Duke's
re-emergence as a basketball power in 1978. That team was a joy, an absolute joy
to watch, and Kenny and Gene Banks, his close friend, were a big part of the
reason for the joy. They both played with verve and imagination.

Anyway, read it, it's a good read, and guys, check yourselves. We know at least threee people who have had this cancer, and it's very serious, but like any disease, if you catch it early, you can plan a better fight.