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New Stuff Coming Soon At The DBR

To our readers: 

During the last several weeks, you've probably noticed a number of changes to the DBR. First, we changed the look to make it easier to navigate and instituted new software by James to make updating the page amazingly quicker and
smoother, meaning we can concentrate on updating rather than maintaining. Second, James (our maestro) also designed new coding to implement the "My DBR" concept so you can personalize how you wish to view the site. Third, we dropped the "" address in favor of the easier to remember ""

There has been a method to our madness. All of these changes were done in an attempt to further our goal of creating a "neighborhood pub" in cyberspace (Quotin' Bob would love that punctuation), where Duke fans and others can congregate, get information, and exchange views in a friendly and collegial atmosphere.

But we're not done.

Later this month, we plan to announce an exciting new alliance with another
entity. It will bring an entirely new dimension to the DBR. It will not alter our mission in any manner; rather, we believe it will enhance it. With that alliance, we'll be introducing a concept that we believe is unique among anything attempted by an unofficial fan's site. It's an ambitious idea and one which, with a mixture of enthusiasm and admittedly some nervousness, we look forward to implementing.

We hope you will enjoy what we have planned. We think you will. In fact, each of you will be an important key to its success because your support and participation is essential.

So keep an eye on the site in the next few weeks for what's coming. Those of you who are on our mailing list will get a special e-mail about it, but of course we'll also post the news on our Main Page.

As ever, thank you for your many kind words of encouragement, your enthusiasm for Duke and its athletic programs, and your friendship. Running this site and seeing the goodwill it's created among Duke fans has been an absolute pleasure for us. Go Duke!

Boswell & Julio