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Pickup Report #5!

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Thanks, Watzone! Awesome reports!...this was originally
posted on our board

Fridays pick up games featured no ex-pro players playing, and at times you could certainly tell. Todays games
were not as close, and the play was a bit sloppy. Thats life in the world of pick up basketball games. It serves
as a reminder that from one day to the next things can change. Now don't get me wrong, there were some
outstanding plays, but some players focus was not where it will need to be come game-time. The freshman
are probably now realizing how demanding school and ball can be. We again had three Tarheel visitors in
Jason Capel, Terrence Newby and freshman Joe Forte. They played in the last game, it is worth noting that
the Duke guys had already played four games. They brought some glances and whispers as they entered the
gym, from the small spattering of fans. It serves as a reminder of how many of these guys know one another
and the proximity of the two schools. Todays matchups were shirts: Caldbeck, Jason Williams, Shane, Nate
and an unknown (guard size) player whom it took to fill the team. The shirts were CC, J.D., Horvath,
Buckner and Sanders. Mike Dunleavey entered the gym late, but did not play. The first thing I noticed was
Horvath and Sanders played together for the first time. Sweat was dripping before the first shot on another
typically humid Durham day. I missed most of the first game, but the second featured Chris Carrawell again
hustling and being a vocal leader. Chris had a very nice pass for a Sanders one handed dunk. Chris was very
hot throughout most of the day, again handling the ball well too. As usual, or spirited leader hit a game winner.
It is also worth noting that he is pasing the ball well, once to Horvath for the bucket.

Shane Battier shot the ball well, and played good defense. He twice made the much taller Sanders adjust his
shot, causing misses.

Nate played another good floor game, doing all things well.

Nick showed some good post moves early, but got few outside looks. He once blocked Jason Williams shot,
which produced an easy lay in on the other end from CC.

J.D. Simpson jacked and connected on a few threes, as he continues to show a good outside touch, and team

Jason Williams was silent early on, but later erupted for a few threes, showing a very lethal touch. He had a
sweet dunk on a pass from uhh...Joe Forte, he also had a nice pass to Shane for a bucket.

Casey Sanders was tentative when Shane positioned himself on him. He will need to be more certain and
aggresive, as he is sure to face bigger players. He also seemed a bit winded today. Casey sat out the last two

Cappel, Newby and Forte brought fresh legs into the last two games. Capel was teamed with J.D., Buckner,
CC, and Horvath. The other team was made up of Forte, Newby, Nate, Jason and Shane.

Some of the highlights were

-Buckner had a nice pass to Capel who missed, but Horvath followed

-Forte had a nice assist for a Williams dunk

-Forte mad a nice move to the basket around two players fr a dunk

-Williams threw a nice bounce pass to the cutting Battier

As far as the visitors go Cappel seemed more mobile, and bigger from last year. He collected a steal and hit
four shots, and played well in the post area.

Joe Forte on this day was as good as advertised, showing great leaping ability, once hitting two consecutive
shots, and doing all things well. Newby was strong, played a good floor game, but his shot was off, as was
Buckners. Also noteworthy was CC taking Forte to the hoop on a Buckner pass. Roshon McCloud of the
Atlanta Hawks was in town, an seems to be in good spirit and healing well. Caldbeck had an excellent
defnsive play for a steal early. Some early sloppy play may have been attributed to a long week for the
student athletes. They did not look as smooth as they did on Wednesday. The guys just did not hit the boards
today, and were perimeter oriented. They also need to work on blocking out one another. Carlos Boozer
again viewed the game on crutches, sitting along the side line with Ricky Price. Some of our ex-players are on
beach trips and will hopefully play some later. I talked with a local writer who sees a third place finish, maybe
second- but a twenty win season. I feel we may be a bit better than that once all the pieces are together. He
compared us to last years Tarheel team, but also stated that we would not lose to Weber State. Let me close
today by stating how uncanny it was to see Forte and Williams play so well together, and hey heels, buy a
watch and get here a little earlier!

Have a nice Labor Day folks!