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From The Mailbag!

We got this note from a reader and it made our day.
We thought we'd pass it on. Thanks Nancy!

Dear Guys
YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!! Because of a get well e mail that I sent Coach K through
your website, today I got a handwritten thank you note from him!!! At the end of
each season I write him a real letter and I always get a response from him. Even
though I know it's a typed form letter, it always thrills me because when I met
his secretary she assured me that he signs every piece of paper that goes out of his office. My last name is just about as difficult as his so I often wonder if after all these years he's starting to remember it!!:-)

Today the envelope was handwritten in the now familiar blue ink that Coach K
uses to sign his letters, and the note was in this great Blue Planet card. I
never in a million years ever thought I'd receive a handwritten note and I owe
it all to you guys. He even said "Thanks for the get well e mail you
sent". Proof he read them eh????

Thanks a million. Thanks to you I'm walking around giggling and smiling.