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Blue Devil Weekly

With the start of classes at Duke today and a new academic year underway, we just wanted to put in a plug for our friends at Blue Devil Weekly. Johnny Moore and his crew do an absolutely first-rate job in putting together this tabloid on Duke sports. From Johnny's column to those of Bill Brill, John Roth, Jim Sumner, and others, Blue Devil Weekly provides you with well-written, thoughtful pieces about Duke athletics.

As you know, we're fans, not journalists, and as such, we've always had an unwritten rule not to bug the players and coaches during the season so as not to be a pain in the ass (we're enough of a pain in the ass to others). So, if you want in-depth interviews with the coaches and players, there's absolutely no better resource than Blue Devil Weekly. They provide historical perspectives, photographs, and have recently expanded their coverage to include more non-athletic Duke news.

Subscribing to Blue Devil Weekly is easy, and we hope you do if you don't already. Just call toll-free 1-800-642-1183, and you can charge it to your credit card. A one-year subscription (25 issues) is $31.95 and a two-year subscription (50 issues) is $57.95. Or even better, join the Iron Dukes and get Blue Devil Weekly included in your membership.

(In case you were wondering, we're doing this plug on our own, and no one asked us to do it.)