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A Special Welcome To Two Freshmen

We are always happy to see new freshmen at Duke, new potential Crazies and
new life for the Colonial Animal, as Tom Wolfe aptly put it. We get to
know some of you by e-mail and a few in person, but rarely do we get to greet
family members.

So first of all, ABF, aka Anne Ferrell, has dropped her son Aaron off.
Aaron isn't related to us, but we view him as part of the DBR family and we are
very excited that he is at Duke. He is a Crazie in waiting and has been
for some time now. Congrats to Anne and Aaron.

Secondly, Julio's cousin William Harrison is also starting his freshman year
at Duke. William is probably less likely to be a Crazie and probably has no idea
of this website at all (hey we have about thirty cousins, counting step-cousins - you can't keep up with everyone). Nonetheless we are very happy for him and wish him the best at Duke and if he does turn out to be a Crazie, we'll be
thrilled. Catch a few games, William, you'll get hooked! See you at the Big House soon.