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Pickup Report #3

Pickup Report
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Report #2

Watzone posted this on the boards originally. Nice job Mark!

Once again Cameron was a sweltering pit of humidity. This did not stop the players from playing several pickup games.

They played long and hard, making up for not playing Thursday. Mike Dunleavey Sr. was again in

On this day Nate James and Chris Carrawell went head to head. Chris was really looking for his shot today, rarely turning down any opportunity to throw the ball up.
Nate's team was
perhaps, a bit stronger. Nate however was still aggressive and vocal. These two participated in a few street ball power plays...calling quick fouls when the games were close at the
end...a few smiles and smirks were seen, but the calls were respected. Chris is
definitely the team clown, Nate's a little more cool about it.

Buckner again displayed quickness. He is about 5-8 on his tip toes. He handles the ball fairly well, and is very good at penetrating the lane. He has the potential to play some good
pesky, pressing defense...he can be a pest, his jump shot needs a little work. He may be a Cameron favorite of the bench with his speed, he can jump too.

Nick Horvath looked improved on defense from the first time I saw him. He has a fantastic outside shot, especially from the three point arch. He runs the court well,
but they all do. He is
not clumsy or clunky. He needs to work on his defensive footwork in the paint, and blocking out...the whole team needs to do a better job in this area. I am impressed with Nick, he
is a competitor. If Nick is open from anywhere, his teammates should hit him, he disappeared ever so briefly...I am not going to burden him with comparisons...but he is cut out in the
Duke Big Forward mold.

Michael Dunleavey is not flashy. He is well coached, and is rarely out of position. All facets of his game are decent already, he is a team player. He is obviously helped by playing pick
up games with the Blazers. I would like to seem him be a little more assertive
on offense. He does a lot of little things that some may not notice, these guys usually log significant

Jason Williams hit a game winner. He has a nice outside will love him on the break...he finishes well, dunks with ease and can put pressure on the ball...he gets others
involved. I'd like to see him a little more vocal, the keys are in his hands to drive the team. I had a chance to chat with him. He is a classy kid that can't wait for the season. It would
not shock me to see him even teamed with Buckner at times for pressure defense. Whomever wins the shooting guard roll will get his shots.

Casey Sanders is the man inside thus far. He has yet to be banged hard, but Elton is due in soon. He really needs to learn from E and Laettner. He runs the court like a deer.

He finishes with nice dunks and seems to have pretty soft hands, as does Nick. He needs work on short jumpers ten feet and in. He will draw some fouls with his incredible wing
span...the best rebounder in this bunch, but these guys are not banging the boards like they will in a true game. Has potential in spades! A very likable kid!

JD Simpson played well, canning a few open looks and was vocal. You could also depend on
Caldbeck for an arm in your face and hustle...CC's cousin also played.

Shane and Matt were not present, and Carlos is still mending. It is yet to be seen what kind of free throw shooters these players are, this area will be important this year. No one
seems to struggle when shooting around from the stripe. I know I have thrown in a little
speculation, and will minimize this for now...its early, and the core of our frontcourt has not
entered the picture yet.

Still, some combinations are already intriguing when you break them down on paper...we will be okay.

Please remember that this is a different team. I heard one fan say they have a lot of work to
do. Sure they do, last years team was a juggernaut, not many will ever
compare to this bunch, and it is unfair to even think we can approach that teams success early on. The pieces are in place for a bright future, and his team will be fun to watch and
develop. They will be circled on all oppositions schedules...whoa! I said I was not going to speculate...sorry! I will say this...we have a good recruiting class, lets get behind them!
From what I have seen...I like the new guys that will wear Duke on their chests.