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From Charlotte With Love, Scooter Delays, Kwame's A Gator, Hobbs Is A Tiger

Duke signed Reggie Love, from Charlotte, for football, but the 6-4, 215
pounder has been told
he'll be welcome to walk on in hoops too
. He's not bad - he averaged 15
points and 8 boards and his team won back to back state titles.

In some other news, Scooter Sherrill has postponed his trip to State,
originally scheduled for this weekend.

And in some other news, Kwame
Brown has committed early to the Gators
, after dissing the state of Georgia
a bit. Should be fun going to Athens!

In a bit of bittersweet news, Chris Hobbs, who was recruted by a number of ACC schools but who was dropped early by Duke and UNC (and possibly State) has thrown in with Clemson. On the one hand we hate to see him leave the state since he's such a good kid. On the other hand, Larry Shyatt wins points with us for not pulling the offer when the kid ripped his ACL. Other kids will notice this, of course, as well they should. Kudos to Shyatt for being a decent guy.