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DBR - On The Move!

That was a joke for the oldtimers - we used to move about every month. This isn't like that.

On Sunday we will be changing domain names from to
DBR has kind of outgrown dukebasketballreport. and this will make it easier to find us,

There are two negatives associated with this: 1)the site will be down most of
Sunday; 2) cookies, being site-specific, will all die with the move. What this
means is that the bulletin board registrations will be lost, and your status
will change. If you're on the white list, we'll rebuild that. If you're on the
blacklist, as maybe 10 people are, we'll declare a general amnesty there, so if
you were blacklisted,  we'll just start fresh.

Secondly, the customization cookies will have to be reset.  We hate to
have that happen but there's no way to avoid. We're pushing hard to make this
site better, and moving the URL is a big part of that. For people who are trying
to find us, it's much easier to go to
than dukebasketballreport.