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Bilas Beats Barney!

In a hilarious story we got from a reader, but haven't yet verified, Morris
Costumes, represented by Jay Bilas, secured the rights to rent Duffy The Dragon
costumes. MClost the right to rent Hillary and Purple Dino costumes, but weren't
required to pay damages.

Lyons Partnership, which owns the rights to Barney, felt the costumes were
too similar, and besides, a spokeswoman said, ''there have been photographs in
newspapers of a person in a bogus Barney costume with the head off smoking a

''We have no beef with Barney,'' said Jay, " ut the people behind Barney
acted like bullies.''

We sincerely hope all our friends from all schools, including UNC and
Kentucky, will stand and join in applauding Jay Bilas for taking on Barney The
Bully. Something had to be done. We're just proud a Dukie did it.