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C-well, Battier Honored

Chris Carrawell and Shane Battier (no doubt to the intense irritation of Ken
Burgess) have been named as pre-season candidates to
win to the John Wooden
Player of the Year Award.
Below is the complete list of
candidates. Some you can rule out right off the bat - small school guys
first Harold Arceneaux would have to be beyond brilliant to do it from Weber
State. Same for Matt Santangelo. No knock on them, but it's a tough thing
to do from a small school. Odds are good Hanno Mattola won't win it, and they're
not much better for Mark Madsen. And as much as we like C-well, odds are
against him, too. If you want to bet on it, put your money on Cleaves, El-Amin,
Penn, and maybe Morris.

  • Harold Arceneaux, Sr, Forward, Weber State
  • Erick Barkley, So, Guard, St. John's
  • Shane Battier, Jr, Forward, Duke
  • Cory Bradford, So, Guard, Illinois
  • Chris Carrawell, Sr, Forward, Duke
  • Mateen Cleaves, Sr, Guard, Michigan State
  • Jason Collier, Sr, Forward, Georgia Tech
  • Ed Cota, Sr, Guard, North Carolina
  • Khalid El-Amin, Jr, Guard, Connecticut
  • Kevin Freeman, Sr, Forward, Connecticut
  • A.J. Guyton, Sr, Guard, Indiana
  • Tony Harris, Jr, Guard, Tennessee
  • Mark Madsen, Sr, Forward, Stanford
  • Kenyon Martin, Sr, Center, Cincinnati
  • Hanno Mattola, Sr, Forward, Utah
  • Chris Mihm, Jr, Center, Texas
  • Mike Miller, So, F/G, Florida
  • Terrence Morris, Jr, Forward, Maryland
  • Eduardo Najera, Sr, Forward, Oklahoma
  • Robert OKelley, Jr, Guard, Wake Forest
  • Scoonie Penn, Sr, Guard, Ohio State
  • Chris Porter, Sr, Forward, Auburn
  • Michael Redd, Jr, Guard, Ohio State
  • Quentin Richardson, So, Guard, DePaul
  • Matt Santangelo, Sr, Guard, Gonzaga