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Clemson & UNC Schedules

There's a hilarious piece out about Clemson's schedule which bemoans a "brutal"
December stretch
- South Carolina on the 16th, Mighty Winthrop on the 18th,
and then George Washington on the 22nd. Lock up the Kids! It's terrifying.

From here that sounds like something less than brutal - and in traditional
Clemson fashion, they're at Littlejohn.

On the other end of the spectrum, UNC has a pretty tough schedule, certainly
more difficult than last season's. They go to the Maui Invitational, which has a
middling field, then Memphis State, and either Princeton or UNLV in the Food
Lion Classic, Cincinnati, Miami, Indiana, Louisville and UCLA.  Buffalo,
Tennessee Tech, and and Howard are still on the schedule,  but that's no
worse than Duke's Christmas pastry.