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From One Of Our Favorite Sites & A Good Web Prank

One of our favorite sites is News Of The Weird, which is exactly what it says it is. We decided to run a search on basketball and got some gems, these
among others. Check out Tony Lang in the last one.

News of The Weird will soon deliver by e-mail. It's highly entertaining, so we suggest signing up. Chuck Sheperd is brilliant.

But before you read that, we'd like to salute Francis D. Cornworth , 17, of Miami, who tried to auction off his virginity on EBay. He put up a photo and said that for "the right woman (or man), I'm willing to experiment."

Someone give that kid a seat with the Crazies. Ok, on to the Weird Hoop Stuff.

Lancaster, Pa., police charged William A. Stewart, 27, with robbery of a convenience store in June. They tracked him down after the store's
video camera showed the perpetrator wearing a basketball jersey with the name of his local recreation team,"Public Enemy," on the front and number "6"
and "Stewart" on the back.

Oklahoma City police officer Eldridge Wyatt became dissatisfied that no fouls were being called on "No. 21" and walked onto the court to point
out the player's elbowing to the referees. When referee Stan Guffey told Wyatt to leave the officiating to him, Wyatt arrested Guffey. Guffey was
un-arrested a few minutes later so that the game could continue, but when a reporter asked Wyatt after the game what had happened, Wyatt tried to
arrest him, too.

In a one-week period in November, pro basketball teammates Tyrone Hill,Antonio Lang and Donny Marshall of the Cleveland Cavaliers were injured in
separate auto accidents while driving to either games or practices.