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The Oracle Speaks

There is a
nice interview with Chris Carrawell
  in Friday's Chronicle.  As
usual, C-well is very quotable.  You may remember earlier in the year,
C-well said he'd be back because "[I] have no choice," which was a
funny line.  Of course he does have the choice and could have left early,
and seen the world. A
couple of Baylor guys are interviewed on ESP
N and they have some interesting
things to say (note - we don't know when or if they left or if they got their
degrees). Speaking of the rush to the NBA, Terence
Morris isn't buying it
. We didn't like Steve Francis and don't care
for Gary Williams, but c'mon - Morris, Ekezie, Tamir Goodman - Gary is
getting some guys in there we admire a great deal. It's hard not to read
this story and admire him a great deal. We hope the Crazies will respect him the
way they have respected great competitors in the past. Terence is good news.

Bad news is Daddy Warburgess, who continues to bludgeon the basketball world
when it doesn't meet his expectations for Chris. However, his campaign
seems to be largely backfiring. The BYU boards are ridiculing him, our
board is, and on 850 The Buzz, he was voted Sports Jerk of the Week. To
quote Jesse Jackson from the 1988 Democratic candidates debate, "what [he]
makin' ain't nobody buyin'."