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Thanks from Duke Children's Hospital

In the mail this morning, we received a great note which we want to pass on to our readers. Getting letters like this is what makes doing the DBR so worthwhile and enjoyable for us:

Gentlemen: My name is Mike Israel and I am CEO of Duke University
Hospital. I am a fan of your page and attempt to read it on a daily
basis. While reading the sponsors page today, I saw that you are making
an $1800 donation to our children's hospital. I can't possibly express
my appreciation for your thoughtfulness. While many of us enjoy the
battles fought on the basketball floor, the kids we serve are fighting
the real battle; the battle for life. At a time when many hospitals are
struggling financially, your support is even more important.

I'm not sure that you know that the Duke Childrens Hospital
is an institution that both Coach K and his wife Mickie are devoted to.
They spend hundreds of hours a year working with us to help make the
Childrens Hospital one of the best resourses for kids anywhere in the
world. We will be forever indebted to them and to individuals like you
who keep us in your hearts. Thank you.

Mike Israel

The Children's Hospital truly does remarkable work, and we're very happy to do our small part to help out. For those of you who wanted to be DBR Sponsors, but got closed out, we would urge you to send your $50 instead to the Duke Children's Hospital. Their address is 512 South Mangum Street, Suite 400, Durham, North Carolina 27701. The phone number is (919) 667-2500.

Again, many thanks for all of your generosity to us and, most importantly, the Duke Children's Hospital.