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Calling All Y2K Sponsors!

Many of you have been very kind in recent months to write us to say that you would like to sponsor the DBR for a month. We've held off in accepting any additional funds because we didn't want to take in more money than we need, but in looking at our checking balance, we're getting pretty low so we're now opening up sponsorships through the year 2000.

Because we're now picking up a very small portion of the cost for the server provided to us by James Armstrong, we've decided to have three sponsors per month. One-third of our sponsorship money, therefore, will go to paying for the server, with the remaining two-thirds going to costs relating to general operating expenses such as new software and design, registrations, and legal paperwork.

The cost for a one-month sponsorship is $50. Before you mail us a check, however, please write to Boswell at to let him know you want to be a sponsor. We'll then reserve a spot for your sponsorship. (For those of you who have already written, we're holding your space, but drop us a note that you're still interested.)

Once we have enough for the Year 2000, we're going to stop accepting any more funds. As we've said, we're doing this site for fun, and we don't want to be in a position of having more cash than we need to operate.

Once again, thanks to our "angel," every dollar raised in sponsorship money for the DBR will be matched with a dollar contributed to the Duke Children's Hospital. Indeed, with our extra sponsor per month, that's another $600 for the kids. Thanks, you-know-who angel!

When you write to say you want to be a sponsor, please indicate how you would like the sponsorship to read. It can be in your name, your organization's name, or you can make it "in honor of" or "in memory of" someone special to you. Unfortunately, we can't promise a specific month for you (everybody wants February, March, and April), but we'll do our best.

To send us a check, make it out to "Duke Basketball Report" and send it to us at P. O. Box 11011, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604.

Many thanks for your incredible generosity and support throughout the years!