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More From The Mailbag!

We had two e-mails today we wanted to pass along. First of all, there's a
story in Blue Devil Weekly that discusses the plans for improvements, so that
should be worth checking out, though we haven't seen it yet. Secondly, David
Stewart wrote to tell us that The Campaign For Duke has hit 900 million - not
bad at all.  Some of this money would go to the Athletic Department anyway,
but for the first time, Duke is allowing donors to specify how their money will
be earmarked, so it may be more than you might think.

One of our regular readers, who asked to remain
anonymous, sent us this and asked us if we would pass it on. We're happy to. We
hope that his brother passes all of his tests and can play again, but we are
reminded of Hank Gathers and Reggie Lewis. On the other hand, Terry Cummings
and, if we remember correctly, one of the Lewis brothers of Maryland fame went
through this as well and are still playing. So don't give up, kid!

There's obviously a chance he'll have to quit
basketball, though, and if that's the case, while it's sad to give up one dream
(and who hasn't?), it opens the door to other dreams, so whatever happens, we
hope he keeps his chin up. This is also, of course, a subtle reminder of why
education shouldn't be taken for granted by ballplayers. You just never know
what is around the corner.

My brother is a college basketball player that no one has ever heard
of. He's a 6-7 power forward with a sweet little jump shot, a nose
for the ball, and more desire to play than anyone I've ever known.

He played the last two seasons for a community college in the
Northwest, and has accepted a full athletic scholarship to a Division II

Last week he collapsed while scrimmaging at a summer camp for which
he was a counselor. He was taken to the hospital, given an EKG, and
diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. They don't yet know how serious the
condition is--more tests will be done next week--but it's possible he'll
never play college basketball again.

He loves the game so much--basketball is really his only passion--and
it breaks my heart to imagine his frustration and disappointment.
I'd appreciate any thought you could spare for him. Thanks.