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Trivia Answered!

Yesterday we said that the Frank McGuire article on ACC Today must be wrong
and we listed several suspects, among them Lefty Driesell (ACC Today said that
McGuire was the only coach ever to win 100 games at 3 different schools).

Here's Lefty's stats:

  • Davidson 176-65
  • Terps    348-159
  • JMU    117-65
  • Georgia St.    We don' tknow, but maybe soon ACC Today can
    say that Lefty is the first to win 100 at 4 different schools...

Thanks to Henry Hirose for the research!

Oops! Henry sends word he got the stats wrong.
Here are the correct ones.

  • Davidson 176-65
  • Terps 348-159
  • JMU 159-111
  • Ga. State 33-25