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A Good Trivia Question

On Monday, ACC Today listed, in their countdown of coaches, Frank McGuire as
coach #6. They said that he was the only coach to win 100 games at 3 division
one schools. They'd know better than we would, but it's hard to believe. We
don't have records here, but here are our suspects:

  • Lefty Driesell: Coached at Davidson, Maryland, James Madison, and now
    Georgia State. At least two out of three of the first two were over one
    hundred, and another might be.
  • Tark: Long Beach State, UNLV, and Fresno.
  • Eddie Sutton: Creighton, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Oklahoma State.
    Definitely two out of three and Creighton is possible. We can't remember how
    long he was at Kentucky.
  • Bill Foster: Utah, Duke, South Carolina, Northwestern. Throw out NW.
  • The other Bill Foster: UNCC, Clemson, Virginia Tech.
  • Hugh Durham: Jacksonville, Georgia, and one other school.
  • Sonny Smith. ETSU, Auburn, and VCU. He must be close.
  • Tom Davis: BC, Stanford, and Iowa

Guys who are (or might be) close soon:

  • Pete Gillen (Xavier, PC, UVa)
  • Jim Harrick (Pepperdine, UCLA, Georgia)
  • Mike Jarvis (BU, GW, St. John's)
  • Rick Pitino (PC, UK, ?)
  • Billy Tubbs: (Lamar, OU, TCU)
  • Lon Kruger: (KSU, Fla, Illinois)
  • Tom Penders (Rhode Island, Texas, GW)
  • Bob Boyd?
  • Gary Colson?