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Haywood's Better, Q Plays UK, And We Still Say We're Right

Caulton Tudor has a column today about how Brendan
has shaken off last season and is improving. We're inclined to
believe it. He's the sleeping giant; we're happier when he dozes.  In
another ACC story, State
is reporting the actual heights of players now.
Norm Sloan did this the year
after Thompson left and Phil Spence shrank about 2 1/2 inches. Also in this
story, Greg Doyell politely takes issue with our contention that Omar Cook has
told UNC he's coming. We've been doing this a while now, and we've built up some
decent sources. When everyone else said Burgess was going to BYU we told you he
was coming to Duke. We were e-mailing with Frank Burlison at the time and he was
absolutely convinced it was BYU. We were right then and we believe we're right
now. We very much trust our source on this one

In a darker story, from our point of view,
more crap on expansion
. It's a boring Sunday, so what the hey, let's go kill
the Golden Goose!

Finally, while ordinarily we could care less about Kentucky's schedule (now
if you want to expand, there's a team to go after) is out - and we see a
Coach Q is on the schedule,
with a chance to claim an early - and major