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ACC Handbook Arrives

The guys at ACC Handbook dropped us a line to
let us know their site is up.
Cool! We're happy to pass it on. We're also
happy to pass on a nice piece about why
expansion is a really dumb idea.
Just as a basic mathematical thing, if the
ACC bloats up to 10 teams, that's 18 conference games. If it bloats up to 12
teams, that would be 22 conference games -which won't happen. The ACC will split
into divisions, meaning that the ancient rivalries between various schools,
dating back to the old Southern Conference days, will be once a year
affairs.  We simply can't imagine only playing State, UNC, Wake, Maryland,
UVa, Clemson, or Tech only once a year.  FSU we can. Ha!

But seriously, the conference needs to tread carefully. If you dilute the
rivalries in the name of almighty football, you kill the whole thing.

Now that ACC Handbook, Bob Gibbons, ACC Today and the Poop Sheet are on line to greater or lesser extents, we'd just like to say, as one of the eldest ACC sites on line - what took you guys so long?

Seriously, though, it's great that resources are popping up. We love it.

On another smaller, though important note, we find ourselves getting a lot of links for cool sites, and sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. So we added a new mail header to our "Write Us" page for people who want us to check out their pages.