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U.S. Downs Yugos, Claims Gold

The U.S. won the Gold by defeating Yugoslavia by 14

The Streak continues, as the U.S. won Gold for the sixth straight time in the World University Games, 79-65 over Yugoslavia. Carrawell had a subpar game, hitting 1-3, with 3 boards and 2 assists. Haywood hit 3-6, got to the line for 9 FTs, though he only hit three.

However, getting to the line 9 times in 27 minutes indicates some good aggressive play, not good news for the rest of the ACC.

Most interesting to us is that the U.S. did this without Scoonie Penn - and we suspect, though haven't seen it confirmed, that Carrawell may have been sick as well (Penn had a stomach virus, and C-well played only 8 minutes last night and
obviously struggled tonight).