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U.S. Downs Spain, Plays Yugos For Gold Next

The U.S. held off
though it wasn't easy as it was a two point game with 40 seconds
left. The U.S. hit six free throws in the last 20 seconds to seal the deal.

Carrawell only played eight minutes for some reason (Scoonie Penn was sick,
so maybe C-well has the same thing) and his stats were much less as a
result. Haywood had 8 points and 7 boards - 5 of those
offensive. They were negated by his 5 turnovers, though.

Now, tomorrow, comes the big test - and they'll need everyone healthy. Not
only is Yugoslavia usually a significant power in the European ranks, after this
summer's pounding by NATO, they're liable to tear into the U.S. team and take
out some national frustrations. It's a sure bet that the sentiment
in Yugoslavia is high about this game. Expect it to be very, very intense,
and if the U.S. is down two players, then a Yugo win is a reasonable